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Updated the Save Code Demo Map to version 034. It now saves the player's gold. Also the restored unit is now created for the appropriate player rather than always using player 1.

As you could guess by the date of the last news item, I'm not currently active in Warcraft 3 map making. I will start making maps again when Starcraft 2 comes out!

Due to popular demand, My Boomstick! - The Official Skeet Shooting Map of the Royal Azerothian Skeet Shooting Association has been posted to this homepage and the Playable Maps page.
Kethlak, Webmaster/Wife of Elil
Updated the answer for this question for clarity:
"I want to run a function for each member of a group, and I want to have a wait statement in that function. How do I do that?"
Elil has updated the Save Code Demo Map to version 033. This version saves the hero's learned abilities.
Elil has added a new demonstration map called Elil's Save Code Demo v. 031 which demonstrates how to encode all of a hero's information in a text code so that it can be written down and entered into a map the next time it is played. The demo maps have now been rearranged to have the newest maps first, especially since some of the older ones are outdated because of patches to the game and World Editor.
Elil has updated the Vale of Nightmares map once again to version 495, and placed one of the triggers he incorporated into it in a demo map of its own called Elil's Fade Demo v.006.
Slight update to the Vale of Nightmares map. We're now on version 492.
Elil finally managed to find the time to work on the Vale Series, and he's come up with Elil's Vale of Nightmares v.490. The newest installment of the Vale series, designed for The Frozen Throne, it can only be played in the expansion. This is the newest version as of today. If you discover any bugs with this version, please send an email to .
The newest version of MicroTournament, Elil's Micro Tournament v.310, is now up on the Playable Maps page. This version only works in The Frozen Throne.
With the new patch, the FAQ will need to be updated, but we can't do it alone, we need your help. Send your new FAQ questions (with answers please) to

Also if you see anything out of date let us know so we can fix it.
The forum FAQ has been updated. Now all advanced questions appear only on this web page.
The 1.13 patch for Warcraft 3 is coming soon. The FAQ will need to be updated after it patch comes out. I will post a new thread in the bnet mapmaking forum and request submissions. Also I will need help in going through the existing FAQ and deleting/fixing entries that have become obsolete.

The format will be changing as well. All entries currently labeled as "advanced" will be removed from the FAQ thread. They will be on this website but the FAQ in the forum needs to be smaller to be useful. Some form of explanation within the thread will be needed, so I think we'll put links in every section of the thread that go to the appropriate sections of the database.
A short skinning tutorial has been added to the FAQ. No major updates are planned for this site until the next editor patch comes out. Of course the FAQ still needs to be accurate, so if you find something wrong let me know.
The FAQ section has been completely revamped and now uses a searchable database. It is now up to date with the version of the FAQ on the forums. Look for more changes to the navigation of this section in the next couple of weeks.
Elil has a new demonstration map for the Frozen Throne showing how to make a single-target ability into an area of effect ability. Download Elil's Area of Effect Demo v. 003 here.

Look for the FAQ on this site to be updated within the next few days.

Elil has posted a new demonstration map for the Frozen Throne showing how to create a leaderboard. Download Elil's Leaderboard Demo here.
Micro Tournament has been updated by using the Frozen Throne editor to place the new units. The old version used triggers to accomplish the same thing. The current Micro Tournament is version 304. This version will only work in The Frozen Throne. Version 117 is still available for those using Reign of Chaos.

Updates to the world editor have made Elil's World Editor modification obsolete. You should delete or rename your "Units" directory before using the new world editor. Maps created with this mod should have no problems opening in the world editor.

Also, a public service announcement: delete any custom world editor mods you had installed prior to installing RoC 1.10 or TFT. They will no longer work correctly, and may stop your world editor from opening at all.

Elil has updated his Micro Tournament map with new arenas and a fairer bye system. The new version, Elil's Micro Tournament v. 266, replaces all previous 2x versions.
Your humble webmaster has been very busy today.
Elil's Vale of Dreams v. 391 is now up on the Playable Maps page. This is the distribution version of the map, and is the last update Elil will make to the map (until further notice). A new links page has been added and is accessible from the navigation bars at the top and left sides of all pages. Also, a new Screenshots section has been added to the sidebar and screenshots pages, called Vale of Dreams, which features all new screenshots from the latest versions of Vale of Dreams.
Elil's Vale of Dreams v. 365 has replaced Elil's Vale of Legends. A new storyline has been worked into the game and custom skills have been added. This version only works with the original Warcraft 3, and not with the Beta Expansion. Also, Elil's Micro Tournament v. 239 has replaced the old version 2x.
Elil's Micro Tournament v. 232 has replaced the old version 2x. This is a map which is balanced for the Beta version of the Warcraft III Expansion but will also work on the original Warcraft III, but not be as balanced. It is also on the Playable Maps page.

Also, the Screenshots page has been expanded to Classic Warcraft and Beta Expansion sections. Yesterday there was a problem with viewing the image pages in Netscape, but it should be fixed now. Let us know if there are any other browser problems (some don't support CSS quite as well as others).

Elil's Micro Tournament v. 224, the new version for the Beta of the Warcraft III Expansion, is now up on the Playable Maps page. Again, if you do not have the Beta, please use version 117.
Please let us know if there are any problems.
Elil's Micro Tournament v. 209 is now up on the Playable Maps page. This version will only work with the Beta of the Warcraft III Expansion. For those without the beta, use Elil's Micro Tournament v. 117 (also newly updated).
Please let us know if there are any problems.
Elil's ActionAnd Demo v. 001, Elil's Import Demo v. 001, Elil's Item Drop Demo v. 001, and Elil's Phantom Item Demo v. 001 are now up on the Demonstration Maps page.

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