Vale of Nightmares
Using a Stone of Skybreak will cause the sky to explode in a flurry of lightning.
Controlling Djedkare's Hand gives all allies' units the Forked Lightning ability.
Entangling Roots disables one target at a time. At least until the hero reaches level 4 in the skill. Then the same ability affects all the units around the target as well.
The dreams are spawned as if they were neurotransmitters from the dendrites of a giant neuron. Yet they come together to fight instead of passing on a message.
The trees in the vale start out all identical, but as time goes on they twist into strange new shapes.
A sea of rage sits at the top of the Vale, always seeking to burst forth and drown the rest of the Vale in blood.
There are 3 distinct battle areas, each has enemies flowing in from both sides and towers to keep the battle in place. Even a single hero can sway the tide of the battle so that the other side starts losing towers.
The game always moves toward an end. Individually towers are easy to kill, and heroes are well rewarded for killing them. Every push forward will cause the enemy to permanently lose towers, eventually leaving them defenseless.
The units spawned are decided randomly at the start of each game, so each game is different. Heroes can even get in on the action themselves by creating their own circles that constantly spawn units.

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